Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier Anno 1417

Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier Anno 1417


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The naturally cloudy cellar beer shimmers seductively in the light with honey gold. A beer with an unmistakable character: rustic, hearty, tasty and yet refreshingly mild and light. A real Bavarian.

Creamy and sparkling - typical for unfiltered beers - it bubbles with pleasure on the palate. Aromas of caramel, honey and plum come into play and emphasize the malty-spicy taste experience. In addition, there are unmistakable nuances of apple and grapefruit, which give the beer its fruity freshness.

After four weeks of ripening, it is bottled unfiltered and thus still contains all of the vitamins and trace elements found in the yeast.

500ml // 5.5% // German Lager - Kellerbier 

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